Stepping out of your ‘style comfort zone’

Outfit details: Top: Forever21 | Skirt: American Eagle | Purse: Forever21 | Shoes: Banana Republic (Similar HERE) | Sunglasses: Forever21 | Denim Jacket: Old Navy


I am a definite creature of habit, it’s almost annoying. It comes in life, the way I dress, work, etc.  Don’t get me wrong though, I don’t mind change,  but once I find a routine — I’m stuck LOL.

So for this outfit, I thought I’d step out of my ‘style comfort zone’ and channel my *sister’s* style. This totally something my sister, Cristy, would wear. I even sent her this outfit and she said she loved it! Not gonna lie, I did feel like a badass in this outfit. The skirt is everything and this purse?! SO different from my normal choices but so much fun! (It comes in yellow, as well!)

I paired THIS leopard print skirt with THIS Aerosmith shirt. Now, I normally say if you don’t listen to the artist/band, don’t wear their merch, but in this case, I do. Not a whole lot, but enough. Haha! I kept the outfit casual with a pair of slip-on sneakers. These are from Banana Republic from a few years ago but THESE sneakers are similar and much cheaper!

I also paired this outfit with a denim jacket. This jacket is one of my favorites ever. I’ve had it for years and Old Navy has been restocking it for years! So, obviously, I’m not the only one enjoying it. For this entire outfit, everything fits TTS, so if you plan on purchasing — stick with your normal sizing.

Stepping out of your ‘style comfort zone’ is exactly what the phrase implies. Try on/wear something you thought you’d never or wouldn’t really go to. For me, that’s always hard. I always feel clothing items won’t work with my body type or it’s just not ‘me.’ With this blog, I’m finding that this is not the case! It’s really pushing me to try things I would’ve never tried, like this outfit!

Not to get all sappy on you… whether it’s clothes, life, food, whatever the case may be — step out of your comfort zone. Life is too short to not try on the skirt or cut your hair or try new experiences.

Try something new today!

Vicky Marie


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