Review of Lilly Jane Jewels

Happy Tuesday, my friends! Is it me or is this week flying by already?

Today, I wanted to bring you a special review of one of my favorite jewelry companies that I have been loving this summer. If you follow me on my Instagram, you would know I’m talking about Lilly Jane Jewels. I actually met the owner, Kaylee Neighbors, while my friend Paige and I were at a local festival and we fell in love with her collection! She had the cutest necklaces and earrings, and it blew us away how cute her stuff was and how young she was! Granted, she was our age but it was so cool to see a young woman kicking butt! We bought some of her stuff that day and fell in love ever since.

Over the summer, I applied to be part of her summer ambassadors for her brand. Full disclosure, she sent me some items for free to help promote her brand on social media. I was so happy though because I really believed in her product and her hustle! As always, these are my true, unbiased opinion and review!*

From Lilly Jane Jewels website:
“Georgia based designer, Kaylee Neighbors started Lilly Jane Jewels on a whim in May of 2016 as a way to enjoy on trend jewelry. After many inquiries about her designs, she decided to start selling locally in her small town of Thomaston, Georgia. What started out as just selling bracelets, she has now added earrings and necklaces to her line. Lilly Jane Jewels is named after Kaylee’s great-grandmother, Lillian Cook Hale, who was known for her keen sense of style. All jewelry designs are made only from the best materials sourced in the USA. She strives to make high quality jewelry with every style in mind, created to make every girl feel beautiful inside and out.”

I was sent over these two cute necklaces and a pair of earrings. I received the Classic Evil Eye choker and the Emerald Coast necklace

Wearing Lilly Jane Jewels Emerald Coast necklace

I have worn these necklaces for every occasion, including my bachelorette trip! And everytime I wear something from LJJ, I always get asked where I got them from! I love how dainty her necklaces are to wear, giving your look a little ‘oomph’ to a look. In the same breath, I love that she has the option of larger statement pieces to give your outfit an elevated look like the Emerald Coast necklace. 

Wearing the Classic Evil Eye choker

All of Kaylee’s designs are so unique to me. I have never seen any jewelry like hers. Everything is well-made and sent with care! She personalizes every single package with a hand-written letter and some free merch! Sometimes she’ll include a coozie or some stickers with your order. The best part about supporting LJJ:  you are helping a young entrepreneur, and you are talking to a real person when you are ordering something from her. Kaylee strives for customer service — I’ve seen it when my friends have ordered necklaces that I have been wearing. Such a great brand to support! 

Paige and I are both wearing the Classic Bree Dangle choker

It would be awesome for all of you check out her jewelry line! Right now, she is having an End of Summer sale, which includes all of the necklaces from today’s post! If I were you, I would snag a few while you can. Tag her in the photos you take and let me know which ones you picked!

Paige is wearing the Classic Bree Dangle choker, I’m wearing the Classic Bree choker.


Vicky Marie


* I was sent products in exchange for posts on social media. All opinions are my own. I am not being conpensated for this blog post. This was done because I truly believe in the Lilly Jane Jewels brand. 



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