Our stay at our West Palm Beach Air BnB

I’ve got a lot of content coming your way from my bachelorette trip last weekend, so forgive me on the amount of stuff I’ll be posting! Haha

I wanted to share with you my experience with Air BnB for our weekend in West Palm Beach. 

I have never used Air BnB prior to this trip and was really nervous to do. I choose to go this route because it was six of us total, and to get a hotel room would’ve been way more expensive because of the number of rooms needed. Luckily, everything is WPB is relatively inexpensive! 

During my search for the perfect place, I was looking for something that was obviously big enough, close enough to central parts of town and reasonably priced! And thank goodness, I found just that at Pineapple Park Place! 

Pineapple Park Plane, West Palm Beach, FL


This was honestly, the cutest house ever! All of the girls fell in love with it, just from standing outside. It has the funkiest shape in the best way, haha! It’s shaped like an octagon, at least we thought so! It makes the house stand out in the neighborhood, without it sticking out like sore thumb.


Living Room

Once inside, you walk into the living room and the kitchen. The decor of the house is perfection! It gave off a trendy look with white walls and wicker chairs, but also very cozy with all the pillows and blankets readily available. 

Kitchen ft. Brittany and my sister, Cristy lol


The first floor is the kitchen, dining room and living room, with a closet for the washer and dryer. It’s a fully functioning kitchen and the living room includes TV and Netflix (#blessed). The couch is also a sofa bed which worked out perfectly for us over for the weekend. There was enough room and seats for us to hang out together, which we had to do one day since we were rained out! 

Bedroom #1

Bedroom #2

The second floor was for the two bedrooms and bathroom. Both of the rooms were really spacious! Both had queen-size beds and large closets. We had room for our luggage and gave us the option to hand things up. The beds were really comfy! Our opinions may be skewed since we were all so exhausted each night so the beds felt like heaven, LOL. 


Having one bathroom and 6 girls sharing it was not as big of a nightmare as you might’ve thought! The bathroom was just like any other bathroom, the host was really great because she had towels galore for our stay! 

Our host was fantastic! There was a TON of extra items for us like towels, sheets, comforters, a steamer and iron and iron board, blow dryer, the list goes on. She was great and obviously very thoughtful! 


As for the location of the house, it was centrally located. Everything was less than 10 minutes away by car, and if you’re taking an Uber or Lyft, rides will cost you no more than $10. Shopping in City Place or the outlets was 10 minutes, heading to the beach was also 10 minutes. And you’re in downtown WPB in less than 5 minutes. Location was just fantastic.

Where the house was located in the neighborhood was great as well. Neighbors are quiet and it’s very safe there! There was enough room for 2 cars to park in the driveway. There’s a cute little patio sitting area for you to enjoy morning coffee in the front of the house.


Overall this was a GREAT first experience with Air BnB! The host, Hayley, was AMAZING! Every time I had a question, she was quick to respond. She makes herself readily available. She texts back instantly and answers the phone on the first call. She leaves you a bottle of wine and some sweet treats for every guest! She leaves the place pristine, too! 


Honestly, I don’t have too many cons on this house. I wish it had a backyard, the house doesn’t really have a backyard, like at all. I don’t mind sitting in the front of the house for coffee, I just didn’t need the neighbors seeing me in pajamas, haha! 

I wish the house had more mirrors. Sounds superficial but there were only 2 mirrors. One in the bathroom and a over-the-door type mirror in the guest room. With 6 girls, it was hard to get ready with just those two mirrors but we managed! 


Seriously, this was the best place to spend our weekend. Everything was great and totally recommend this place for Floridians who want a stay-cation and anyone out of state! 


Vicky Marie 

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