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Happy Thursday y’all! I hope your week has been great so far! We are just one day away from Friday, thank goodness! 

If you read my last post, you would know one of my goals for myself is to continue with my healthy lifestyle. Right now, I workout about 5-6 days a week. I’ve got a wedding to get in shape for! LOL I do lots of cardio with some cycling classes and I do a Pilates class, some full-body workout classes as well and yoga. Yoga is may favorite workout! I like to make sure I’m getting everything worked on! 

Making sure I have the right workout gear is a high priority. I’ve had many leggings or shorts that would not stay up, tops that were way to hot or sports bras that were NOT supportive, aka my worst nightmare. So I popped into Old Navy for their workout gear! 

I have 3 pairs of leggings from Old Navy (they’re all the same style lol) and that’s about all I owned from them, so I decided to go back in and buy some more workout clothes! And I found such great stuff! 

Shorts | Sports Bra

This is my new cycling set! I originally came into Old Navy looking for a pair of bicycle shorts and I found them. These shorts are the best! They are high waisted and help hide the tummy. They fit great and were before for cycling — it gets hot on the bike!

This sports bra is a low impact bra so it’ll probably be better for pilates or yoga, not intense workouts. It was OK for cycling but I have other sports bras that give me more support. Either way, its adorable! The back detail is amazing! I bought two: one in this army green and another in heather gray. 


Leggings | Tank | Sports Bra

This next set is so cute! I had been looking for some leggings with some cute designs because majority of mine are black. I thought it would look adorable to have a really feminine print on my leggings for my next yoga class. When my eyes spotted these at Old Navy, I ran to them! My favorite part about these leggings, the print does NOT distort once they’re on. That has been my biggest pet peeve in the past: finding patterned leggings but the print would get distored on my legs, ruining the whole point of the leggings. They are so great!

They are also high waisted, tucking everything in and I was able to do yoga with these on without having to pull up my pants or make adjustments mid-pose. I totally recommend these!


I suggest if youre in the market for some new workout gear, head over to Old Navy for some! All of my outfits fit true to size, and remember they do have a bit of compression in them so if you size down, just remember it might be a bit snug!


Vicky Marie




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