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If you know me, Amazon is my J A M. And, if you don’t know… now you know LOL. I’ve decided to give you a list of things that I have ordered from Amazon that I cannot live without! I wanted to round my 10 favorite items from Amazon that I am costantly using or reaching for!


1. Car Phone Mount Windshield: This has been one of the greatest purchases I’ve ever made! If you live in a hands-free state, this is your best friend! It sticks to your windshield (or dashboard, if you prefer) and holds your phone up for you. What I really like about this, is that it holds whatever size phone you have — whether its an iPhone Plus or a normal sized phone. The mount has a great grip and it won’t go anywhere. My mom and friends have ordered it after seeing mine!


2. Sonos speaker with Alexa enabled: This was a Chris purchase, but I’m so glad he got this! Sonos makes some serious speakers! We love this one so much, everytime our friends come over this is the speaker we use. It’s loud and very clear. We have our Alexa enabled and we love it! We don’t have to get up to change the volume, skip songs. You can always get it without Alexa, and if you do get it with Alexa, you can mute her so she’s not listening to your conversations. Bonus! Sonos also has a app that you can use to control volume and songs. It’s the only speaker we use in our house. 


3. Travel Makeup Train Case: I purchased this because of blogger Emily Ann Gemma, she spoke about this on her Insta-stories . At the time, I was in the market for a new makeup bag that I can take to work, and this was the perfect bag! It has a place for your brushes with a velcro flap to lay over them so your bristles don’t get ruined. The bottom part of case is one large deep pocket, BUT (this is the best part) they have adjustable “walls” that help create sections inside of the bag. In a nutshell, you can adjust the sizes of the compartments to fits your foundation section, bronzer, blush, etc. It’s so unique! I had never seen anything like it!


4. Handheld mini fan: Also another purchase because of Emily Ann Gemma! This little fan has come in handy a number of times since I bought it! It’s perfect for those hot summer days to cool down! I used this at the lake for 4th of July. It’s also great to help dry your setting spray after applying your makeup. Ok… so that’s a little boujee, LOL. You just have to trust me, this is fantastic! It comes with a charger and the battery lasts a while, when fully charged!


5. Simple Mondern 32 oz Slim Cruiser: Such a great purchase! This tumble is a great alternative to a Yeti if you don’t want to dish out the money for the original. For less than $20, you get a super cute tumbler. I use this for water and I take it with me everywhere! I’m never not without it! Simple Modern makes these tumblers with other colors, sizes and patterns. They all come with a lid and straw, so if you wanted to drink something hot, you have that option as well. Also, a purchase because of Emily Ann Gemma!


6. Amazon Fire Stick: Ok… this is the best ever! We don’t have cable because of this Fire Stick! It has all of our apps that we use right on the stick and I never have to worry about streaming or watching local programming like the news. All you need is an internet connection to use this. So many TV shows, news programs have apps and are streaming friendly so this is a great option!


7. Round Rattan bag with snap clasp: This is probably one of the most complimented, asked about bags. Seriously, I cannot tell you how many people have stopped me about this bag. And I know some of you have purchased it from my LiketoKnow.It account! I bought mine from Amazon and it’s literally half the cost of the ones in store! It is seriously so adorable and super trendy! And yes, it fits the iPhone plus. That was one concern I had but was happy to find that it fits my phone. Just make sure to get yourself a small wallet like this one to fits your cards!


8. SONIX phone case: If you have been my friend for any amount of time, you know this is THE ONLY phone case I use for my phone. I have bought several of these. Sonix always has great designs for your phone, often transparent backs with cute prints like palm leaves, flowers, sushi, pineapple, you name it! Most importantly, it has the best protection. None of my phones have every cracked/broken since purchasing these cases. This Tort case has been my favorite for a few months now. I would 10/10 recommend this case!


9. POWERADD Pilot Portable Charger: THIS charger is a must-need for anyone who travels or is constantly on your phone! I am one of those people and this charger does the trick. It charges my phone from dead to full battery at least 2 times. It has two USB ports so you can charge two phones at once. It includes a cord to charge your phone and the battery pack, thank GOD it’s compatable. (Power cord works with iPhones, sorry Androids!) It does take a full 8 hours for it to charge and it is a bit heavy, but I am ok with that. It’s also the size of an iPhone Plus — again, something I didn’t mind. 


10. Ruched tulip bodycon dress: You guys have heard me rave about this dress! Don’t sleep on Amazon fashion! This dress is so comfy and I know a few of you have purchased this one as well. It’s so comfortable and really trendy. It’s a dupe for one from Nordstrom that costs at least $50 and comes in more colors than on Nordstrom. A must buy!



Vicky Marie




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