Last minute Mother’s Day gifts


It’s almost Mother’s Day and if you haven’t bought your mom a gift. Don’t worry, I’m not judging you! If you need some help picking something out. I’ve got you covered!


Here are a few things you can order from Amazon by TODAY that would get to your home or your mom by Saturday just in time for Mother’s Day!


1. Quilted Slip-on Sneakers 

THESE sneakers are super cute for mom! I especially love them in pink. They’re really feminine and the reviews are great! I actually ordered these for my mom this year! And if you’re impatient, Target sells the same style, has 5 color options and you can always buy them in store!


2. Floral Print Passport Cover 

How cute is this passport cover?! If your mom is a frequent traveler, you need to get this for her! I am totally considering for myself for my honeymoon! It’s adorable and it will be easy to find in your travel bag because of the great pattern!


3. Bath and Body Works Candle

Need I say more?! My mom adores these candles, as does every other woman in planet Earth, haha! Everyone appreciates a great candle and my mom loves these. Every time they’re on sale I pick some up for her. She LOVES this scent!


4. Gift Card for a massage

Mom’s need a break! they deserve some R&R, and what better way than an hour massage? My mom is also so grateful when I gift her this! You can always add more items, like a massage and a facial. The best part is they consult with the masseuse on how intense they’d like their massage and where they would like to focus on, etc. And to help your mom out, include the tip in the gift card so she is really spoiled!


5. Necklace and earrings

Show your mom you love her with a beautiful necklace and matching earrings! You don’t have to spend a fortune to get your mom to sparkle. THIS set is on Amazon for less than $50! I love this! It’s really dainty and timeless. It had great reviews too!


6. Paint by number for adults

Ok, this seems like a weird gift to give, but my mom SWEARS by this!! This is a really therapeutic activity to do after a long day. It will take a while to complete but once it’s done, buy a frame and hang it! It looks amazing!


7. Don’t forget her flowers!

Moms deserve flowers — always. Just make sure you get her favorites this time around! It always brightens her day and her mood.


Gifts are great but don’t forget to love on your momma bear on Sunday!


Vicky Marie 


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