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Hi friends! 

I hope everyone had a great Monday! We’ve made it to Tuesday, kudos to you! It’s been a bit crazy these past few weeks between work, my personal life, my blog, the wedding, etc. I’m not complaining! I’m so blessed with the life I have, just sometimes a girl gets tired! 

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Sticking with a routine has been difficult. I’ve been working late at work and have had so many projects for work. I wake up early, go to bed late, eat at the most random times — leaving me to be on the ‘hot-mess express.’ Which makes it hard for me stay motivated to do anything and continue working. 

I definitely thrive when I have a routine set down. Within the past two weeks, I’ve tried to get back to that by going to bed early, disconnecting from work, scheduling blog shoots in advance, dedicating a specific time for wedding planning, the list goes on and one. It’s still a lot trial and error, especially since I’ve been off track for a while. 

So, I wanted to share with you some of the ways I bring myself back during challenging times.


To-Do Lists

I find this helps me so much when I write everything down, daily and weekly. I write all my tasks for the week and spread them throughout the week to not overwhelm myself. I use THIS notebook to help me stay organized. In the past, THESE planners have been life savers. 


Scheduling blocks of ‘busy time’

This may seem redundant, but I also like to block out time electronically. Once I set out my to-do list in my planner, I block out times to do everything. For example, if I want to go to the gym I plan the time I go to the gym in my phone. Or if I need to make calls for my wedding, I block out an hour-and-a-half of my day to make calls, reservations, etc. That way I won’t get carried away with spending too much time on a task and have a time to disconnect. 


Make time for yourself

Life can be hard, and sometimes we need a moment to ourselves. During the week, for me, it’s taking an hour nap after work. Seems silly! BUT, I work overnight hours. I get into work at 3 in the morning and leave by 11. This shift is not easy so I need that hour of sleep to be refreshed. This isn’t something I do everyday, but if I need it I make sure to actually nap. Maybe, for you it’s watching an hour of your favorite show! Or maybe, it’s doing nothing at all. 


I hope these simple tips help you get started. It’s not much but I know it’s what has helped me when I am in a funk and life seems crazy. I’d love to know how you get back into your routine! I’ve linked my outfit and some of my favorite supplies to get started below!


Vicky Marie



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