An endless summer + chasing your goals

Dress | Shoes | Purse 

Y‘all… it is sooo hot in Georgia! This recent heatwave has a been mother! Indexes have been in the triple digits, making being outside a miserable experience.

With that being said… LOL, the times that I have gone outside, I am looking for really light, breathable and comfortable clothes. This dress has been IT!

I found it on a whim at Target, tried it on and instantly fell in love! It’s really lightweight and a perfect swing dress. The dress runs a little big so you can either size down a size, if you want to! I paired it with THIS bag. It has been my summer bag, for sure! You guys have seen a lot of it! And these shoes are to die for! I found these Steve Madden sandals at TJMaxx but I can’t seem to find the exact pair online but I’ve linked some similar ones at the bottom of this post.

This is a great dress for summer and transitioning into fall. Target has this same dress in a different color, if you’re interested!

• • •

Alright… enough about my outfit! Something that’s really been on my heart is chasing and achieving my goals. There are so many things I want to accomplish in my personal life, work, this blog, etc. And for me, that really means buckling down and getting things done. But it’s hard. 

Having a full time job, dedicating at least 15 hours a week on this blog, being present in my real life, planning a wedding and squeezing in time for the gym is challenging! I am not complaining though. I’m so blessed to be able to do all of this. Seriously!

A few ways to help me keep track of everything is writing ever single task down, no matter how small a task. (You should see my calendar!) Sometimes, I block out hours on my e-calendar so I know how long I should be dedicating to each task. That’s the only way I can squeeze 5 million things in one day.

But staying focused is the hardest thing to do, especially, when you don’t necessarily “see” the fruits of your labor — like spending hours on a blog that you’re not even sure people read! Or taking classes at the gym but seeing ‘no results.’ It’s something I have to come to terms with: trusting the process. And of course, leaving everything in God’s hands. He has everything planned out for me and I have to recognize that. 

Just know that reaching your goals — whether its to lose weight, gain muscle, get that promotion at work, start a new hobby — starts with setting them, writing them down. Create a plan to reach them and leave the rest up to God. But don’t expect Him to do everything for you, you gotta work for it! 

And yes, I am taking my own advice!

Here are some of my goals:
• Grow my blog, social media
• Start my YouTube channel backup
• Save money!!
• Maintain a healthy lifestyle

So basically, all of my goals are very time-consuming and to be honest, I don’t think I’ll ever just cross it off my list. 

Anyway… stay focused! Let’s hold eachother accountable!


Vicky Marie


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